Top 12 Free AI Writing Tools for Students

May 17, 2024

Free AI Writing Tools for Students

Ever feel like you’re drowning in assignments? Tight deadlines looming, research papers piling up, and that nagging feeling you’re missing something crucial? (We’ve all been there!)

But fear not, fellow students! There’s a secret weapon in your arsenal – free AI tools. These innovative resources can be your knights in shining armour, helping you streamline research, overcome writer’s block, and craft stellar assignments. Get ready to ditch the all-nighters and write with confidence!

Free AI Writing Tools for Students Slay Assignments

Top 12 Free AI Tools for Assignment Writing

Conquering assignments can feel like an uphill battle. Tight deadlines, research overload, and writer’s block can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But fear not, students! AI tools are here to lend a helping hand. Here’s a breakdown of the top 7 free AI tools that can be your secret weapons for writing success:

1 Grammarly: Your Grammar and Clarity Guardian

Core Function: Grammarly polishes your writing with pinpoint accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Identifies and corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Offers suggestions for improving sentence clarity, readability, and vocabulary.
  • Detects plagiarism (paid plans only).

Example: Use Grammarly to ensure your final assignment draft is error-free and shines with clear, concise language.

2 QuillBot: Mastering the Art of Paraphrasing

Core Function: QuillBot helps you rephrase existing text, avoiding plagiarism and sparking fresh ideas.

Key Features:

  • Offers synonyms and alternative sentence structures to rephrase the text.
  • Maintains the original meaning while avoiding direct copying.
  • Multiple rephrase modes for different needs (Standard, Fluency, Formal, etc.)

Example: Use QuillBot to paraphrase quotes or data from your research, ensuring you’re presenting information in your own words while staying true to the source.

3 Wordtune: The Creative Rephrasing Revolution

Core Function: Wordtune goes beyond simple paraphrasing, allowing you to experiment with writing style.

Key Features:

  • Offers various rephrasing options to adjust tone (formal to informal), sentence length, and style.
  • Helps you break out of writing ruts by providing fresh phrasing suggestions.
  • Maintains the original meaning while offering stylistic variations.

Example: Struggling to express yourself in an essay? Use Wordtune to explore different sentence structures and find a unique voice for your writing.

4 Hemingway Editor: Championing Clarity and Concision

Core Function: Hemingway Editor helps you write clear and concise prose, free from complex sentence structures.

Key Features

  • Highlights complex sentences and suggests simpler alternatives.
  • Improves readability by identifying passive voice and adverbs.
  • Makes your writing more direct and impactful, especially for analytical essays.

Example: Use Hemingway Editor to ensure your science report is clear and easy to understand, especially for complex concepts.

5 Helperbird: Your All-in-One Brainstorming Buddy

Core Function: Helperbird goes beyond grammar and style, assisting you with the entire writing process.

Key Features:

  • Helps brainstorm outlines and structure arguments.
  • Offers suggestions for topic exploration and research.
  • Provides a plagiarism checker to ensure your sources are properly cited (the free version has limitations).

Example: Feeling overwhelmed by a research paper? Helperbird can help you organize your thoughts, develop a strong argument structure, and ensure your sources are properly cited.

6 ShortlyAI: Summarization Superhero

Core Function: ShortlyAI tackles lengthy research or online resources by generating concise summaries.

Key Features:

  • Summarizes complex articles or online resources, extracting key points for efficient research.
  • Saves you valuable time by helping you grasp the main arguments of various sources.
  • Allows you to focus on analysis and writing with a clear understanding of the material.

Example: Are you drowning in research articles for your history paper? ShortlyAI can help you quickly grasp the main arguments of complex sources, allowing you to focus on analysis and writing.

7 WriteSonic: The AI Writing Assistant (Bonus Tool)

Core Function: WriteSonic offers a variety of AI writing tools to jumpstart your creative process.

Key Features (Free Version)

  • Generates outlines, introductions, and creative writing prompts.
  • Provides a helpful starting point to overcome writer’s block.
  • Sparks ideas and gets your creative juices flowing for assignments like essays or stories.

8 Mastering Synonyms and Sentence Structure

Core Function: helps you avoid plagiarism by rephrasing existing text in a variety of ways.

Key Features:

  • Offers numerous synonyms and alternative sentence structures for paraphrasing.
  • Maintains the original meaning while avoiding direct copying.
  • Allows you to adjust the level of formality in the rephrased text.

Example: Use to rephrase quotes or data from your research, ensuring you’re presenting information in your own words while staying true to the source.

9 Cliche Finder: Eliminating Overused Phrases

Core Function: Cliche Finder identifies and eliminates tired phrases and overused expressions from your writing.

Key Features:

  • Scans your text for cliches, worn-out metaphors, and repetitive phrases.
  • Suggests fresher alternatives and helps you express your ideas more creatively.
  • Improves the originality and impact of your writing.

Example: Use Cliche Finder to polish your essay after the main ideas are in place. It can help you identify and replace overused phrases with more original language.

10 After the Deadline: Catching Grammar and Style Errors

Core Function: After the Deadline acts as a comprehensive grammar and style checker.

Key Features:

  • Identifies a wide range of errors, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style issues.
  • Offers suggestions for improvement based on clarity, conciseness, and tone.
  • Helps you maintain a professional and polished writing style.

Example: Use After the Deadline before submitting your final assignment. It can catch any remaining errors and ensure your writing is clear, concise, and professional.

11 Evernote Web Clipper: Research and Organization Made Easy

Core Function: Evernote Web Clipper isn’t strictly an AI writing tool, but it’s a fantastic research and organization aid.

Key Features

  • Clips articles, webpages, or specific sections of online content for easy access.
  • Annotates and organizes your research materials for future reference.
  • Integrates with Evernote for efficient research management.

Example: Use Evernote Web Clipper to save relevant information from online sources while researching for your assignment. You can then easily access and organize your research materials later.

12 Tier: AI-Powered Outlines and Introductions

Core Function: Tier offers AI writing assistance specifically for crafting outlines and introductions.

Key Features (Free Version)

  • Generates outlines based on keywords or topics you provide.
  • Suggests potential thesis statements and helps you structure your introduction.
  • Provides a solid foundation for building your essay or report.

Note: The free version has limitations. Paid plans offer additional features.

Example: Are you struggling to start your essay? Use Tier to generate a basic outline and a potential thesis statement. This can help you organize your thoughts and get your writing flowing.

Remember, these tools are meant to enhance your writing skills, not replace them. Always use AI-generated content as a starting point, edit it to fit your voice and ideas, and make sure you understand the concepts you’re writing about. With these AI assistants in your arsenal, you can approach assignments with confidence and conquer your writing goals!

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