AI Boss vs. Human Boss: Can AI Take Over Management?

July 6, 2024

AI Boss vs. Human Boss

Feeling the Stress of Management? AI Might Help

Hannu Rauma, a senior manager overwhelmed by the challenges of leading a team of remote workers, found relief in an unexpected place: an AI manager.

AI Boss vs. Human Boss Can AI Take Over Management

What the AI Manager Does

This AI system, developed by Inspira, helps employees plan their work schedules, track time spent on tasks, and meet deadlines. It also provides feedback on writing and answers work-related questions.

Benefits of AI Management

For Rauma, the AI manager has been a game-changer. It’s reduced his stress, boosted employee productivity, and even improved his relationships with his team.

Human Touch Still Matters

However, not everyone at Rauma’s company uses the AI manager yet. They participated in a study comparing the AI’s performance to human managers. While the AI achieved good results in some areas, the best outcomes came from a combination of AI and human management.

AI as a Management Assistant, Not a Replacement

Professor Paul Thurman of Columbia University believes AI shouldn’t replace human managers entirely. AI can free up managers from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic work like team building and innovation.

The Key is Finding the Right Balance

The key takeaway? AI can be a valuable tool for managers, but it shouldn’t become a replacement for human connection and mentorship. Companies should use AI to empower managers, not turn them into micromanagers.

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