13 Best AI Video Generator in 2024 (Free & Paid)

13 best ai video generator in 2024

Best Ai video Generator


  • Price: Custom pricing based on usage.
  • Demo: Available on request.
  • Pros: Realistic animations and a wide range of applications.
  • Cons: Pricing transparency could be improved.

Pictory Best AI Video Generator

  • Price: Plans start from $19/month with a free trial available.
  • Demo: Yes, a free trial is available.
  • Pros: Script generation, vast media library, easy to use.
  • Cons: Some advanced features might require higher-tier plans.

FlexClip Best AI Video Generator

  • Price: Free plan available; premium plans start from $5.99/month.
  • Demo: Yes, via free plan.
  • Pros: User-friendly, quick editing, variety of templates.
  • Cons: Advanced features are limited to higher plans.

Synthesia Best AI Video Generator

  • Price: Starts at $30/month with custom enterprise options.
  • Demo: Yes, a limited demo is available on their website.
  • Pros: Realistic avatars, a wide range of voices, easy-to-create videos.
  • Cons: It can get expensive for multiple videos.

DeepBrain Best AI Video Generator

  • Price: Custom pricing based on the project.
  • Demo: Available on request.
  • Pros: Automated editing, various styles.
  • Cons: Learning curve, custom pricing.


  • Price: The basic plan starts at $29/month, with a free version available.
  • Demo: Yes, through the free version.
  • Pros: AI-powered design tools, no design skills required.
  • Cons: More advanced features require higher-tier subscriptions.

Lumen5 Best AI Video Generator

  • Price: Free plan available; premium plans start at $11/month.
  • Demo: Yes, via free plan.
  • Pros: Converts text to video, easy to use.
  • Cons: Limited customization in the free plan.

InVideo Best AI Video Generator

  • Price: Free plan available; Business plan at $30/month and Unlimited at $60/month.
  • Demo: Yes, through the free plan.
  • Pros: Vast template library, intuitive interface.
  • Cons: Some advanced features are locked behind premium plans.


  • Price: Custom pricing based on needs.
  • Demo: Not explicitly mentioned, but demos may be requested.
  • Pros: Video ad optimization, audience targeting.
  • Cons: Pricing needs to be more transparent.


  • Price: Free tier available; paid plans start at $15/month.
  • Demo: Yes, via the free tier.
  • Pros: Advanced AI effects, custom models.
  • Cons: Learning curve for full feature utilization.


  • Price: Custom pricing depending on requirements.
  • Demo: Available on request.
  • Pros: Text-to-speech technology, easy narration.
  • Cons: Custom pricing can be unclear without inquiry.


  • Price: Free trial available; plans start at $19/month.
  • Demo: Yes, through a free trial.
  • Pros: Easy to use, wide range of templates.
  • Cons: Full features require a subscription.


  • Price: Free plan available; Professional plan at $15/month.
  • Demo: Yes, via free plan.
  • Pros: User-friendly, great for marketing videos.
  • Cons: Higher-tier plans are needed for more features.


What sets top AI video generators apart from basic editors?

  • Top AI video generators distinguish themselves through advanced features like AI-driven scene creation, automatic script-to-video conversion, and realistic animations. Unlike basic editors focusing on manual editing, AI tools leverage machine learning to automate complex processes, enabling users to create high-quality videos with minimal effort. This integration of AI facilitates more dynamic storytelling and content personalization, catering to a broader range of creative needs.

How do AI tools create realistic speech and expressions?

  • AI tools utilize sophisticated text-to-speech (TTS) and facial recognition technologies to generate lifelike speech and expressions. By analyzing vast datasets of human voices and facial movements, these tools can mimic nuances such as intonation, emotion, and lip-syncing with remarkable accuracy. Machine learning algorithms continuously improve these features, ensuring that AI-generated content becomes increasingly indistinguishable from real human interactions.

Can AI video generators be used for education?

  • AI video generators are highly effective for educational purposes. They can transform textual content into engaging video lessons, create realistic simulations, and produce personalized learning materials. These tools support diverse learning styles and can make complex subjects more accessible and interesting for students, enhancing the educational experience.

What are the legal concerns with AI-generated videos?

  • Legal concerns with AI-generated videos revolve around copyright, privacy, and ethical issues. Copyright infringement can occur when AI tools use protected content without permission. Privacy issues arise when realistic likenesses of individuals are generated without their consent. Creators must navigate these concerns responsibly, ensuring all content is legally compliant and ethically produced.

How is AI improving in complex video creation?

  • AI is revolutionizing complex video creation by enabling the generation of high-quality content at scale, incorporating realistic CGI, and automating tedious editing tasks. Continuous advancements in machine learning models enhance the AI’s ability to understand context, improve visual effects, and create seamless narrative flows. These improvements make it easier for creators to execute sophisticated projects with fewer resources and less time.

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